Tuesday, 1 December 2015

After transformation, what next?

Continuing with my earlier page on meditation and its effect..

Now we have become humanized and cleaned our impression to a great extent and we are always in the present, then what next, is the question which comes to our mind. Personality Development begins. We, from ordinary human being, become sympathetic to life around us and make endeavors to deal with humans and animals with equal love. Here we will recollect what our Master Revered Chariji said “At the most selfish, self centered level, a human being is concerned only with himself or herself. At a slightly higher level the human being is concerned with other human beings.  At a yet higher level they are concerned with other life forms existing with us. But at the highest level such a personality is concerned with all life at all times, past, present, future, it does not matter”

This is the best transformation of personality we can have. We call a person a ‘Personality’, when he contributes something to greater than himself, he is able to  empower people to make changes for the better,  he provides helpful resources for in when people are in need of support. These are some of the qualities I have understood that a personality carries along with him.

Even one of these, if we are able to have due to meditation we become a Personality to be admired by people all around us.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Why do we require Meditation? Contd....

Having benefitted with earlier mentioned effects of meditation, we fairly seem to be in control of the Present. We are joyful on our regulated thought action speech etc. We feel energized and whenever we sit in meditation, now being without conflict, it seems to be peaceful. Our days are well managed and time management has become so easy because of our improved focus and clear action plans. We want to go deep into meditation and plunge our self in the oneness of the Present.
We feel the immensity and vastness of the meditation experience and suddenly a buried thought from the past comes out and we are haunted. The new person we are, with well regulated mind and faculties, we get disturbed by our past.  The impressions we carry of the past is affects our present.
The practice of cleaning in the evening removes impressions and complexities – the impediments of our inner journey-in much the same way that taking a bath cleans the body. Cleaning results in lightness of being and simplicity.
The Sahaj Marg practice of Cleaning can be introduced when one can explain the concept of Purity and how removing impurities and complexities lead to purity and simplicity.
Shri Kamlesh D. Patel introduced Cleaning in this very simple way which everyone can understand. SRCM, Shri Ram Chandra Mission offers this practice of Cleaning to all interested meditation and yoga seekers, which is a very effective approach to keep ourselves pure and simple, and be in touch with our inner selves all the time.
We are given a process of cleaning to come out of impressions of the past lying buried with in us and not allowing going into deep meditation

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Why do we require Meditation? contd...

Most of us at most of the time have experienced a sudden outburst of unneeded expressions verbally or otherwise for no reason and we repent later on. The outburst being reactive, the faculty to revisit the expression and repent, shows the goodness at heart in one all as human.

Will we not be happy if we are able to always have the expression of goodness of our heart in the outermost surface of thoughts, expression and action?   Being what we are, this needs some special effort on our side to be in that. We need transformation from inside.

Our Revered Master Pujya Shri Chariji says ‘Unless we have joy in our heart, we do not find things outside to reflect that joy back to us’. He says “if I seek courage, I must have courage inside me .It is a quality, it is not a thing”.  In same way the expression of goodness we feel so many times is inherent in us.

Sahaj Marg of Shri Ram Chandra Mission offers us Meditation with the unique system of  Transmission. We have this definition of Transmission, as given by Master, that it is the utilization of Divine Energy for the transformation of Man.

And now we know that Meditation done with a proper method can bring us humanization which can bring harmony all around us..

Monday, 23 November 2015

Why do we require Meditation? - contd..

Continuing with the same topic why do we require meditation, we have to state here meditation while regulating our mind, it increases the capacity of focusing attention to any mundane thing we do on a day to day basis. All of us at some point of time realize that we need more focus on what we do and meditation helps in that. There are varied meditation practices.
Here   we have to quote Shri Kamlesh Patel spiritual guide and president of Sahaj Marg’s
Shri Ram Chandra Mission. “There is a great underlying philosophy in this meditation on the heart, the pumping station for our blood. It sends purified blood to all the parts of our body, including the smallest cells. He continues to say “we take the heart as centre for meditation and by this practice, we set our individual mind on the right path. The heart is the only point at which the connecting link between the animate and inanimate is clearly felt. It is the field of action of our mind ”
Now we come to an understanding that meditation brings integration too between the animate and inanimate which has always been a mystery to understand

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Why do we require Meditation ?.

Even now, despite having so many institutions on meditation, we connect immediately the word meditation to God, Heaven, and Religion, etc. and shun meditation with the excuse that heaven and earth are ‘here’ and with a claim of not believing anything else.

Classically our Master Pujya Shri Chariji also says the same, "Here and Now" …

But can this be achieved by talking about it, or singing about it or writing about it, Or even by believing in it? A perfect answer is No.

'Here and now' is a perception in the beginning turning later on to believing and accepting. Mind has peculiarly two shelves. One is raw knowledge and knowledge through experience.

How to regulate the mind to bring that condition and experience? We need a process and action plan.

Sahaj Marg path of meditation brings us the experience through a simple process of meditation on the heart with a suggestion that Divine Light pervades our heart.

As a first step meditation helps us to regulate our mind and bring it to the ‘Present’