Monday, 23 November 2015

Why do we require Meditation? - contd..

Continuing with the same topic why do we require meditation, we have to state here meditation while regulating our mind, it increases the capacity of focusing attention to any mundane thing we do on a day to day basis. All of us at some point of time realize that we need more focus on what we do and meditation helps in that. There are varied meditation practices.
Here   we have to quote Shri Kamlesh Patel spiritual guide and president of Sahaj Marg’s
Shri Ram Chandra Mission. “There is a great underlying philosophy in this meditation on the heart, the pumping station for our blood. It sends purified blood to all the parts of our body, including the smallest cells. He continues to say “we take the heart as centre for meditation and by this practice, we set our individual mind on the right path. The heart is the only point at which the connecting link between the animate and inanimate is clearly felt. It is the field of action of our mind ”
Now we come to an understanding that meditation brings integration too between the animate and inanimate which has always been a mystery to understand

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