Sunday, 22 November 2015

Why do we require Meditation ?.

Even now, despite having so many institutions on meditation, we connect immediately the word meditation to God, Heaven, and Religion, etc. and shun meditation with the excuse that heaven and earth are ‘here’ and with a claim of not believing anything else.

Classically our Master Pujya Shri Chariji also says the same, "Here and Now" …

But can this be achieved by talking about it, or singing about it or writing about it, Or even by believing in it? A perfect answer is No.

'Here and now' is a perception in the beginning turning later on to believing and accepting. Mind has peculiarly two shelves. One is raw knowledge and knowledge through experience.

How to regulate the mind to bring that condition and experience? We need a process and action plan.

Sahaj Marg path of meditation brings us the experience through a simple process of meditation on the heart with a suggestion that Divine Light pervades our heart.

As a first step meditation helps us to regulate our mind and bring it to the ‘Present’


  1. Dear Ramakrishnan sir, are you referring to the Heartfulness meditation practice here?

  2. Dear Ramakrishnan, add,, Rev. Chariji in one of his speeches "Still the Mind" in Geneva on 7th August 1990 sums up that " Still minds are the deepest" and when it is deep there is creativity in it and peace in it. He says we cannot bathe in a bubbling brook and to bathe we need a deep pool. And the ultimate bath from which we can come totally relaxed totally refreshed like a new born baby is the plunging into our own self, but first that depth must be instilled in us created in us by resorting to Meditation.

  3. Great share of Rev Chariji 's words .thankz