Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Why do we require Meditation? contd...

Most of us at most of the time have experienced a sudden outburst of unneeded expressions verbally or otherwise for no reason and we repent later on. The outburst being reactive, the faculty to revisit the expression and repent, shows the goodness at heart in one all as human.

Will we not be happy if we are able to always have the expression of goodness of our heart in the outermost surface of thoughts, expression and action?   Being what we are, this needs some special effort on our side to be in that. We need transformation from inside.

Our Revered Master Pujya Shri Chariji says ‘Unless we have joy in our heart, we do not find things outside to reflect that joy back to us’. He says “if I seek courage, I must have courage inside me .It is a quality, it is not a thing”.  In same way the expression of goodness we feel so many times is inherent in us.

Sahaj Marg of Shri Ram Chandra Mission offers us Meditation with the unique system of  Transmission. We have this definition of Transmission, as given by Master, that it is the utilization of Divine Energy for the transformation of Man.

And now we know that Meditation done with a proper method can bring us humanization which can bring harmony all around us..

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