Tuesday, 1 December 2015

After transformation, what next?

Continuing with my earlier page on meditation and its effect..

Now we have become humanized and cleaned our impression to a great extent and we are always in the present, then what next, is the question which comes to our mind. Personality Development begins. We, from ordinary human being, become sympathetic to life around us and make endeavors to deal with humans and animals with equal love. Here we will recollect what our Master Revered Chariji said “At the most selfish, self centered level, a human being is concerned only with himself or herself. At a slightly higher level the human being is concerned with other human beings.  At a yet higher level they are concerned with other life forms existing with us. But at the highest level such a personality is concerned with all life at all times, past, present, future, it does not matter”

This is the best transformation of personality we can have. We call a person a ‘Personality’, when he contributes something to greater than himself, he is able to  empower people to make changes for the better,  he provides helpful resources for in when people are in need of support. These are some of the qualities I have understood that a personality carries along with him.

Even one of these, if we are able to have due to meditation we become a Personality to be admired by people all around us.

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